rise nº1 Salon de Soufflé: A Taste of France in the Heart of Dallas

July 13, 2018 by Ashlee & Crystal

rise nº1 : A Taste of France in the Heart of Dallas

Word Blocks at Rise No.1, Dallas

Rise n°1

5360 W. Lovers Ln, Suite 220

Dallas, TX 75209

Visit Website | 214.366.9900

We finally got the chance to try rise nº1 Salon de Soufflé, a charming French restaurant known for soufflés, artisanal cheeses, and Marshmallow Soup. In a word: delightful! Dining at rise felt like dining in France. From the twinkling lights of the main dining room to the cozy enclosed porch, rise exudes the kind of ambience that invites you to relax and enjoy a leisurely meal with family and friends. Special occasion worthy, yet casual and without any of the pretension that comes with many fine dining experiences. Tables adorned with letter blocks and colorful French linens add an artful whimsy to the cozy atmosphere. 

As we pondered the menu, we enjoyed a perfectly crusty baguette served with creamy European style butter. We especially loved the rise bread cutters! You can see them here. We went for a special occasion lunch, so decided to go all out and try both savory and sweet soufflés. But first, the famous Marshmallow Soup, a creamy and light carrot and tomato bisque topped with miniature goat cheese “marshmallows”. For the savory selections, we tried the Jambon & Gruyere and Crabmeat soufflés. The Jambon and Gruyere Soufflé was perfectly fluffy and light despite being full of quality bits of ham and creamy cheese; you can’t go wrong with this French classic flavor pairing. The crab soufflé was equally satisfying. If you like crab cakes, this is a must try. Almost like a crab “cloud” due to the airy and billowy texture. For dessert, we split the Raspberry Soufflé. The sauce was a delightful giggly pink – a perfect ending to our girls’ day out lunch. We left feeling happy but not stuffed. It is a bit pricey for lunch, as the menu is the same for lunch and dinner, but in our opinion, it’s totally worth it.

 Tip: We highly recommend sharing so that you can experience more of the menu. We tend to do this anytime a restaurant will allow shared portions. For dining pairs, we suggest each ordering a soup and choosing a savory followed by a sweet soufflé to share. The restaurant was even kind enough to split the Marshmallow Soup into two portion sizes. We each received three lovely goat-cheese “marshmallows” on top, although there was a $3 up-charge for the split.